Official Ballot must be received before June 23rd. They are anonymous, but must be received in a sealed envelope with voting member's name on the outside to verify membership (to vote in this year's Annual Meeting, you must be a current, paid member as of May 14). Thank you.

The Evergreen Playhouse invites our current members and Season Ticket holders for 2018-2019 to our Annual Meeting and Celebration on June 23rd at 5:30pm. We will hold elections for several open Board positions (see below) and give a recap to our General Membership of the past season. 

Anyone who is interested in the arts in Lewis County is also welcome to attend to hear the recap and get a preview of our next season and what the Board of Directors would like to accomplish in the next year. There will be snacks, prizes, and games! 

Come Experience the Possibilities with us at The Evergreen Playhouse on Sunday, June 23rd at 5:30 PM!

A member of the Board of Directors must:

  • Attend monthly meetings.

  • Participate in productions at least one performance/production (either on stage, behind the scenes, or in the front of house)

  • Be on at least two committees



President (2-year term)

Kris Garrett: I am ready to continuing guiding the board to create bigger and stronger productions, while focusing on growing our audience and talent pool. I work well with people of all types, have over 30 years of theatre experience from administrative to artistic to technical knowledge and run a theatre company as well. I love unique projects, so I would love to stay on special committees and I enjoy helping design, build, and paint.

Vice-President (2-year term)

renda Crummett: I have served on the board in various capacities and I follow through with whatever tasks I am given. I am currently in charge of background checks, the sunshine committee and press releases. I will be helping manage the Steam Train this upcoming season and plan to continue the growth of the EP in a positive direction.

Members at Large (2-year term - 5 positions open)

Michelle Koenen: I spent time in the theater until I completed college. I currently teach and direct small productions with my students, and my children appear in shows at their high school. I served on the board for the Rochester Band Boosters for three years and, now that my time limit with the board is up, I would like to continue working in the arts. I have attended several productions at the Evergreen Playhouse and would like to become more involved. I am interested in helping with fundraising, productions, workshops, and other areas of need.

Merle Krouse: I have been an active member in this community for 30 years as an attorney and a retired judge. None of that applies to the theater except in the sense of acquiring good business practices and credibility within the community. As the executive director of a non-profit organization in Lewis County I have a good understanding of 501(c) requirements and have run a number of successful fundraisers including the promotion and advertising aspects. I'm also a decent DIY electrician, plumber and carpenter. As an enthusiastic supporter of EP I want to see it flourish in our community. I want to promote it, raise support financially, and contribute in any manner I can be used. AND, I play well with others... and I may even have some undiscovered acting skills!

ave Marsh: I love this Playhouse and I excited about helping it grow. I feel I bring an honest and straight forward opinion to the table.

mber Roal: This being my seventh season at the EP, I bring a level of experience to the Board that helps with continuity. I have the ability to assist the Treasurer with Quickbooks based on my accounting experience. I have served on or led most of the committees at the Evergreen and with the exception of Sponsorship, I would be willing to serve or lead where ever I was most needed. My current passion is "widening the base". I've been very excited to see the growth in patronage over the last few years, and with that has come a few more volunteers. Whether on the Board or not, I would like to help further expand, train, excite, and recognize that much needed volunteer base.

rittany Wilcox: Having participated in 7 shows and 2 staged readings since I first auditioned 2 years ago, I can confidently say that I am very invested in this theater. To be involved in a new way would be both a pleasure and an honor. In this position I hope to bring a fresh, new perspective to the table. I am constructively vocal and honest. I have a very positive attitude and willingness to contribute in any way I can. I always strive to be helpful and work with others to achieve the best results possible. I would prefer to serve on a committee with an element of creativity, organization, and/or outreach of some kind, but whichever one is in need of another member, I will fully commit to.